All of Interior

  • Thourougly CLEAN house and windows - including new AC filters
  • Turn all TVs & Computer screens OFF
  • REPLACE burnt out light bulbs
  • Turn all lights and lamps ON
  • Turn Ceiling fans OFF
  • HIDE all shoes and jackets

All Rooms throughout the home

  • CLEAR nightstands of clutter
  • HIDE phone charging cables
  • REMOVE items under bed that show
  • REMOVE clutter on dressers/tables
  • REMOVE any family photos


  • CLEAR countertops
  • HIDE small appliances - we recommend two max on the counter
  • CLEAR outside of fridge 
  • HIDE Garbage Cans
  • CLEAR the sink of all dishes


  • Clear countertops of hygiene items
  • Put toilet seats DOWN
  • REMOVE shampoo/soap from showers
  • REMOVE dirty/used towels
  • REMOVE Floor mats & weight scales
  • CLEAN mirrors


  • Remove all vehicles from view - we will be droning!
  • Remove any leaves that are on the ground in the yard
  • Remove water hoses
  • Remove all toys and sports equipment
  • Clean patios, outdoor tables and chairs
  • Clean the pool and remove pool brushes from view - hang if applicable
  • Turn on Pool features like waterfalls and deck jets
  • Hide Trash cans from views including aerial